Workin' progress
When it feels like everything stand still, just look back and see what you have achive. 
I like to look at old pictures that I have taken. Just look at them and think. WHAT? What did I think when I took this? And it is also a proof of that we all can be better at things. We just have to work with the things we wanna get better at. 
The picture I will show you today is from a photo school I did go to a couple a years ago. The point with this picture was that we pretend that we took photo for a commercial and show that we had learned compositions. 
Anyway....this wasn't the picture that I pic. PUH! haha Anyway. The most important thing with product photo is that the products is new and not dirty. AND the lights and composition OF COURSE. 
My point is that this picture is so dark and the products is really old and dirty. (The idea was good thoo.) It's the opposite from what product photo use to be. Why do like it use to be. :) 
When I took this I was really shitty at retouch also. Today 5 years later I took out the best of my retouching skills and make a diffrens to this old picture. Did I improve it???